A new generation of engines

At ElectricMood we are passionate about propulsion. These past few years have seen a move in the automotive market with the development of electric vehicles. Even though these vehicles are technically viable, they have real life issues: charging in a parking spaces is not yet a reality.

It's impossible for many urban citizens to use an electric vehicle because of the lack of charging stations in the public spaces. Only transportable electric vehicles capable of being charged from standard wall plugs can solve this issue and, at the same time, propose new urban mobility trends.

The engine is the essential component for the propulsion system of electric vehicles. And it is also the component for which the design has the biggest impact on the performances of the vehicle. For transportable electric vehicles like skateboards, scooters or (to a lesser extent) bicycles, the weight of the engine is the biggest part of the total weight of the vehicle.

The electric engine has been invented during the 19th century but the magnetic materials, the information systems and electronic technologies have evolved continuously since then. ElectricMood has developed the e-motor, an original electric engine technology coupled with an integrated electronic system, allowing for a lightened propulsion system of electric vehicles so that transportable electric vehicles become reality.

The technologies developed for this purpose offer benefits that many application areas will take advantage of.

Nikola Tesla patent - 1889