The team

ElectricMood is made of a team of entrepreneurs and innovators with an impressive background.

David Libault - CEO

David Libault has an engineering degree from ESPCI ParisTech in France. He stared his career as a research and development engineer at Inventel in 1997. He acquired a great expertise in electronics and embedded software as well as the development of consumer products assembled in Europe and in Asia. In 2007 he created Cy-Play, a company for which he develops a mobile services platform used for applications in the retail clientelingarea. In 2014 he created ElectricMood, a company that designs and fabricates innovative electric engines.

Jacques Lewiner - Associate

Jacques Lewiner is a physicist and inventor. He is professor and honorary scientific director at ESPCI ParisTech. He is the founder of several startup like Finsecur (fire alarms), Roowin (fine chemicals), Cytoo (cellular biology) or Inventel (wireless gateways).

Laurent Sandrin - Associate

Laurent Sandrin has an engineering degree as well as a PhD from ESPCI ParisTech in France. In 2001 he created Echosens, a company for which he develops an innovative medical imagery technology applied in hepatology.