The world's smartest urban e-scooter

Thanks to our patented engine the ELECTRICMOOD is extremely light while still offering comfort and autonomy for your urban trips.

It weights only 22 lbs and still integrates:

  • 12" inflatable wheels
  • front and rear disk brakes
  • a 500W engine
  • a rechargable lithium battery
  • a fast integrated charger
  • front and rear LED headlights
  • a digital display with backlight
  • a quick and convenient folding system
  • small wheels to carry it like a small suitcase

The ELECTRICMOOD is perfect for your city trips thanks to:

  • a 12 mile autonomy
  • a speed limited to 16 mph by software
  • a maximum recharge time of 1 hour
  • a very small footprint when folded: 37" x 22" x 8"

You are in total control! Your daily trips will be smooth, like floating on air!

We are very excited to launch this new vehicle on the IndieGogo crowdfunding platform. Check our project page on the IndieGogo website!


The e-engine and 12" inflatable wheels offer a silent and comfortable ride, so you can quietly and calmly arrive at your destination.


Tedious urban trips become fun as driving over bumpy roads feels like floating on air!


Folding, charging, using, transporting, storing the ELECTRICMOOD is so easy!


With the e-motor, the rear wheel is directly driven by the electric engine without mechanical transmission. The count of wearing parts is, thus, reduced to the minimum. Maintenance is simplified.

The strength and durability of the frame is provided by high performance aluminum alloy.