For a given engine, only an adapted electronic controller gives the best results. High performance power transistors have been selected and tested, and ElectricMood has developed a complete embedded firmware to obtain a perfect synchronization between the PMW signals sent to the power transistors and the rotation angle of the engine. This power electronics system is capable of providing up to 700 W of power to the ElectricMood engine from a DC power supply or from a lithium battery.

The battery charger has been integrated on the same electronic board. Thanks to the lower components count, the size and weight of the system is decreased. The charger provides 250 W of power to charge a lithium battery of up to 8 cells (33.6 V).

The embedded software provides all the features essential for a vehicle:

  • An engine startup algorithm smoothly provides a maximal torque at very low angular speeds. This functionality is essential for a direct drive engine.
  • A speed limiter guaranties a top speed of 25 km/h for instance, with smooth and efficient torque variations, while the power consumption is minimized. This speed limitation brings an additional safety level to the vehicle user.
  • A battery manager monitors the charging power delivered to the battery as a function of its state of charge.
  • Peripheral features:
    • Instantaneous speed estimation
    • Mileage estimation
    • Battery charge state indication
    • Range estimation before next battery charge
    • Instantaneous power estimation
    • Remaining charging time estimation