The computer code

In order to optimize its engine designs ElectricMood has developed a computer code to evaluate the performance of a given engine geometry.

The computer code allows evaluation for a given configuration of:

  • The magnetic field on any point in the stator with an integral method
  • The torque produced by the engine
  • The Joule effect losses due to the resistance of the conducting traces of the stator
  • The Joule effect losses due to the Eddy currents generated by the variations of the magnetic field

Thanks to a smart parametrization of the geometries of the stator and the rotor, the performances of the engine can be optimized. The optimal geometry obtained from the computations is used as a reference for the mechanical design of the engine.

The computer code developed by ElectricMood uses the OpenCL technology. With this technology the computations are shared between several execution cores within traditional CPUs or more advanced GPUs so the optimal dimensions of every component of the engine are determined very quickly.

The ElectricMood computer code generates fabrication files directly in the format used by printed circuit board manufacturers. After the optimization is complete, without any additional work from the user, the stator circuits can be manufactured in industrial quantities right away.