EME203: a first embodiment


To demonstrate the relevance and the proficiency of this technology, ElectricMood has developed an engined wheel adapted to standard 12 inch tires (ETRTO 50-203). Used on a lightweight electric vehicle, this wheel brings all the mechanical power required for its propulsion for the lowest weight on the market.

The EME203


To confirm the performances of the engine and validate the control electronics as well as the algorithms implemented in the embedded software, ElectricMood has designed a specific test bench. When mounted on this bench, the engine can be tested under several speed and mechanical load conditions. After hundreds of rough test hours, the robustness and physical limits of the engine have been validated.

Test bench for the EME203


The maximum power obtained at 440 RPM is estimated at 500W. This power can be doubled when the speed limiter is deactivated. The total weight of the complete wheel with engine, tire and tube is 3.5 kg.